Why Reputation Management and Reviews Matter So Much

customer reviewsIn the face of digitalization in the modern world, marketers, companies and the corporate world, in general, are moving to the online platform. This serves both as a marketing and transaction platform. It also doubles up as a reputation management platform. In managing one’s reputation, this is not just making well the bad; it is also about personal branding and having the right presentation of one’s self on the online platform. Employers disregard candidates who do not seem to conform to their vacancy profile by the mere misrepresentation of oneself online, either through social media or other networks. One may say they are passionate about a skill, for instance, visiting the sick, while their online profile largely portrays them as lovers of gambling. Consumer behavior is also easily tracked across market segments through online designed means.

Online reputation management which is basically positive self-imaging on the web

digital reputation was originally meant to boost public relations. At a time when the quality of a product or a service depended largely on the opinions of peers and how well marketers or service providers paraded themselves, it was the only sure way to increase profits for business analysts and increase the uptake of services in social enterprises. Dynamic markets were not as embraced, and customers and consumers would have rather stayed with their known service or product providers than venturing a whole lot of other options. It was majorly used among companies that capitalized on their presence online. However, this started changing at the onset of the 20th century. Technological improvements made their way into the offices, homes and firms. A wave of digitalization took over the whole of the corporate world, and online reviews gained popularity in understanding companies.

Reviews have since been used to rate products, services, authenticity and the reliability of companies.

online reviewsThe mode of allowing reviews may vary from one individual or company to another, but the basics are that they shape perspectives and consumer, investors and employers behavior. Its niche of the application has since expanded and reviews, and online ratings now carry the day in managing the company and personal profiles. It may baffle somehow managing their reputation online may be of help, yet they barely post anything there. What we all fail to understand is that thoughts expressed online are like the facets of a diamond, every one has an angle of viewing them. So it is easy that someone may say one thing and someone else interpret its meaning in another way. It is no wonder giving weight to such may just turn out to be ones turning point to those locked doors of employment, those ill spoken rumors about your football career, those dark pages about your sexual orientation or the stagnant growth in your business.